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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I choose my color?

You can find your perfect match using our shade matching tool in the menu. For additional shade matching advice, please feel free to consult our experts at

Can Orcé be used on skin tones other than Asian complexions?

Orcé Cosmetics is not only for Asian skin. Celebrity makeup artists love to use our foundation on clients of all backgrounds as the yellow/golden undertones help to neutralize redness and brighten overall complexion.

What if the shade doesn't match me?

Your happiness is our highest priority. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase for any reason, you may return or exchange your order within 45 days of purchase (conditions apply). Please refer to our full Shipping & Return policy for more information.

I have sensitive skin with eczema and flare ups. Is this foundation safe to use?

Our foundation has been dermatologist tested and passed the rigorous HRIPT irritation and allergy testing. On top of this, we have also been certified non-comedogenic! However, we have not done eczema-specific skin studies. Eczema skin should steer clear from ingredients like fragrances, retinol, salicylic acid and glycolic acid - none of which exist in our foundation. With nourishing and moisturizing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, our foundation can help soothe dry and flaky patches on the skin. Overall, our foundation should be safe for use for sensitive or troubled skin. However, people sometimes react to certain ingredients that may not pose an issue for others with the same skin condition. As with all topical products, we recommend testing our foundation behind your ear or under your jaw to see how your skin reacts.

How long can I use this foundation for?

We recommend that it is used up to 1 year after opening.


How long will the setting powder last?

The setting powder will extend the wear of your makeup by up to 8 hours. After applying foundation, dust the setting powder all over your face, focusing on areas that tend to get oily or shiny throughout the day.

I have a deeper skin tone and see that there is only one powder shade available. Will this work for me?

Our setting powder is a universal shade known to not leave any whitecasts on different skin tones and types. So yes, the setting powder will definitely work for you!

Does this setting powder pair well with your serum foundation?

Yes, the two products pair extremely well with each other. The setting powder will help to absorb excess shine for a fresh finish all day and prevent transfer of our hydrating foundation.


Any tips on cleaning the sponge?

We recommend the following steps to keeping your sponge clean.

1. Hold it under running water until it expands. If your sponge is caked in makeup, soak it in a small bowl filled with water and liquid soap.

2. Work in any cleansing soap of your choice until you get a rich lather. Massage the sponge under running water to help break up leftover makeup.

3. Repeat until the water rinses clean.

4. Squeeze out as much water as you can and leave to dry in a cool, dry place.

How often should I change my sponge?

We recommend that you replenish your sponge supply every 3 months or earlier depending on the frequency of use.

Can I return the makeup sponge?

The Perfecting Makeup Sponge is final sale and cannot be returned, whether purchased individually or in a set.


How does the Orcé Insider Club work?

We want to thank you for all of your support and provide you with incentives to continue your beauty journey with us. When you sign up to become a part of the Orcé Insider Club, you’ll be the first to hear about new products, updates, events, and exclusive offers. With every $1 spent you’ll earn one Club point, and ten Club point gives you $1 in credit that you can use towards your next purchase.

How do I earn points?

Please sign up at and create an account with us. All you have to do is purchase your item of choice and with each transaction made on our website, you can earn points towards future purchases. For every $1 spent, you will receive 1 insider point. For every 10 points, you will receive $1 credit towards your next purchase.
$1 spent = 1 point

10 points = $1 towards next purchase

What do I get with my Insider Club points?

To thank you for your loyalty, we reward you with Club points which can be used as credit toward future purchase. Just create an account with us on our website to become a part of the Orcé Insider Club and receive exclusive benefits.

Do my Insider Club points expire?

Yes, your Insider Club points are valid for 12 months from the date of acquiring them. We’ll uniform you via email close to their expiration date.

Do I get my points straight away?

As soon as your order is complete, you’ll be able to spend your accrued Insider Club points.

How can I redeem my points?

You will see a navy button with a present symbol on the bottom left corner of our website screen. Press the button for you to see an expanded pop up. Press “Ways to Redeem” from the pop up screen. Redeem the accrued points to use towards your next purchase with Orcé. The system will generate a gift card code that can be entered during checkout.

Can I give my points to someone else or exchange for money?

Insider Club points may only be redeemed on our website and are non-transferrable.

What happens if I return my order?

When we receive your return, the system will automatically adjust your Insider Club point balance. You can see your complete history on our website when you log into your account. Simply go to “Account” on the top right corner of our website.

How can I see how many points I have?

Log into your account on our website and you’ll see it in the section of the Orcé Insider Club dashboard. For more information, you can click on it where you’ll see the total balance history, including when beauty points were earned, when they were spent and your current balance.

I have a question that wasn’t listed here, how do I get in contact with you?

Please contact our customer care team with any more questions at You will receive a response from us within 1-3 business days.